Too many ads

I understand ads may bother you.
I too dream of a world where everything is free.
Unfortunately, ads represent my means of remuneration.

If ads are a real annoyance for you, a subscription is available within the application.
This will have a triple effect:

  • you will no longer have any ads in the app
  • you will have access to a widget to place directly on the home screen of your device, no need to launch the app anymore
  • you will support me. I thank you in advance!

Me contacter

Développeur mobile indépendant

Développeur mobile Android et iOS, je suis à votre disposition pour répondre à tout type de projets.
Passionné par les technologies mobiles, je mets toutes mes compétences et mon expérience au service de vos besoins.

Romain Bouchaud

86 rue de Paris 60600 Clermont