App does not work

You push a button on the remote but nothing happens on TV?

Please make sure your smartphone is correctly connected to your Livebox’s wifi and that your TV decoder is plugged and working.

You can make a TV decoder scan.

From app’s settings.

From left menu.

Please then select your TV decoder.
If it does not appear in the list, restart the scan several times. Wifi may take quite a long time to find all the devices on your network.
TV decoder’s name may vary depending on your Livebox version.
One TV decoder is found, select it and try to use the remote.

If it still does not appear in the list, try to unplug and plug again your TV decoder and then make a new scan.

If nothing changes, you have to enter manually your TV decoder’s ip address in the app’s settings.

Please follow this link to know how to find this ip address.

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